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The max speed a vehicle is rated for usually depends on the speed rating of the tires equipped by the OEM. The vehicle can move faster, but the tires are not rated to go faster.


In general, the max speed in the manual is a guide to tell you how fast it's capable of going. It's likely lower than what it's actually capable of since most buyers won't file suit if a maker under rates a car. There is always a little margin in that so I would not be concerned if you drove a bit faster than the max in the manual. I wouldn't make a habit of ...


I've posted this graphic before, but I think it's pertinent here as well: This is an image of a graph which Carroll Smith put in his book, Engineer to Win. In the book, one of the sections talks about metal fatigue. In this specific graph, he's talking about how stress affects any given metal part: how much will a part take before it fails. The graph ...

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