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tl;dr: Your radiator cap might be working as advertised and releasing a bit of overpressure. The difference is points one and two is telling. In point two, you're explicitly staying out of boost on the turbo. Steady state cruising really doesn't require the turbo to spin up. In point one, you're explicitly relying on the turbo quite a bit. This is going ...


According to the 2013 TDI maintenance schedule for US market (PDF, via tdiclub.com), oil and filter changes occur every 10 000 miles (synthetic only, which allows for higher mileage between changes), same with tyre rotations; fuel filter replaced every 20 000 miles. This would be covered under 30 000 miles US Carefree Maintenance program included with ...


The best result will be from a VW specialist or dealer. can you tell us the exact error codes, e.g. P0420?


After changing Diesel oil in an engine it will always look blackish and never a golden colour after only a very! short period of time. This is because the old oil residue left when the oil is changed will always retain a certain amount of contamination and cause the discolouration. You will never remove all of the old oil even if the oil is hot when removed. ...

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