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The most common way to handle this will be rubbing compound and preferably a power drill or buffer. If this is a tail light it is likely a plastic of some kind. You can polish out minor surface scratches with rubbing compound and a buffing wheel. This of course depends on if this is a scuff or what most would call a scratch. If the depth is significant ...


Break out the multimeter. Start at the bulbs. Verify the ground is good and then and work your way back towards the fuse box looking for an open as long as the wiring is accessible (Have a friend / brick depress the pedal). Assuming you haven't found the trouble spot, move to the fuse box and go the other way. If you're lucky the problem will be where you ...


You're exactly correct in that thinking (I replaced the bulbs in my old Volvo once and it caused it to think they were out because the bulb was slightly different (these weren't even LED's; just a different filament or connector or something, I forget; no tolerance at all on that circuit). I don't know if there's a standard way to fix this (other than use ...


If you look in the trunk near the taillight you will find some plastic screws that hold the carpet in place. Using a flat head screwdriver remove them by unscrewing them or prying them out. Moving the carpet should reveal the mounting bolts for the taillight. It will most likely require a 10mm deep socket to remove the nuts. Disconnect the lamp sockets from ...


I believe it can be looked at like this: When you have a turn signal bulb go out it causes the other to blink almost twice as fast. Since LED's use much less power, then it stands to reason that by switching to LED's you are not using the expected amount of amps to light the LED's hence, the system see's this as a burnt out bulb.


Also check the relay under the dash for the parking/running lights, I just fixed one in my shop 10 mins ago that needed the relay and new bulbs (bad bulb on one side caused all brake/run lights to go out if the running lights were on when applying the brakes) also check the sockets and contacts as well

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