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As a general rule, your new bulb should be in good working order. Just to make sure swop it with the matching bulb on the other side of the vehicle which you know is definitely working. If this bulb now operates in the first lamp assembly you now know the problem. Turn your ignition on off when you check the bulb for working as some vehicles use this as a ...


If you haven't tried a dealer parts department, I would suggest that first (taking some doughnuts may encourage them to spend time tracking down a part for you). They really have the most complete parts databases, especially for body parts like this. If you can get a part number from them, you can possibly find a cheaper source for it online (You want ...


For me, it was the brake light housing on both sides. MY OPINION...this is a crappy design! The 3 little points, once you twist on the housing, barely makes proper contact. I had to rig up something to make better contacts.

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