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The first place to look for the headlights would be the fuse panel(s). Often there are two: one inside the passenger compartment, either at the driver or passenger kick panel or on the side of the dash where the door covers the dash on the driver side. The other is the engine compartment (in a black plastic box--diagram will be on the inside cover or on the ...


For me, it was the brake light housing on both sides. MY OPINION...this is a crappy design! The 3 little points, once you twist on the housing, barely makes proper contact. I had to rig up something to make better contacts.


As an alternative, you could make a mounting bracket for a push-to-make switch somewhere on the gearshift surround at the base of the gear lever in the cabin and wire the reverse lights to that. That way it would engage when the shift lever was pushed into the reverse position and wouldn't be a manual switch.

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