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Had the same problem on a Mazda 3 2005 Broken rear springs with last half coil sitting in rear control arm Put your finger in it a see if something moves very sharp edges.


I think your best bet is to go down to AutoZone or the like and rent a spring compressor from them. Charge is minimal (if anything ... some places allow you to borrow with a deposit). I would not try to use a rachet strap, as it would have a high likelihood of slipping and allowing the spring to fly out ... Well maybe not, since the shock goes down the ...


In the UK it may not be legal to drive knowing your car is technically not roadworthy as parts of its suspension are not sound. Its also unknown when the wishbone will fail completely or even if it will fail completely at all. At around £25-£50 for the parts it would be sensible to not risk it and get it replaced - small independent garages may be ...

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