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As you know, the rear shocks are McPherson struts. There aren't a lot of options to lift a car with a suspension like that. At least not economically. Most obvious, would be replacing the springs with new ones. This may give you some extra ride height, as the original ones are likely sagging and the progressive resistance has diminished some.


both camber and toe can be adjusted using specialty products EZ SHIM JUST USED ONE ON A13 SENTRA CK IT OUT ON U-TUBE


As you've stated this is a hub assembly, so we know there isn't any 'user error' in how the bearings are pre-loaded or the grease is packed. You've also stated there is 'substantial play' in the bearing, which certainly is not normal for a pressed bearing hub assembly. As Paulster2 suggested this may be a production run issue, which is rare but possible. ...


I would not worry about the suspension since cars are designed to do it, unless you drive at crazy speeds your suspension should be able to handle the kerb for a lifetime. The component which might give in should be the damper or the oil seals, the coils are much more sturdier and wont be affected by this kerb , again I am exaggerating. Bottom-line: Dont ...


The bottom line is yes, if you drag your exhaust over the speed bumps, it will cause damage to your car. It will be mainly localized to the exhaust on the vehicle. Besides flattening out the exhaust pipes, you also put stress on the joints and the hangers for the different mounting points. If you hit the exhaust hard enough, you can cause further damage to ...


The scrapes on the road you are seeing are probably people dragging hitches from their minivans that weren't designed for towing. I'm sure you have seen cars and vans with hitches sitting a little lower to the ground than usual. As for hitting the exhaust on bumps, again this is normally cars that are low to the ground or have been modified (usually to be ...


The slower you go, the longer they'll last All suspension components (springs, shocks, control arms) are made of materials that last for a certain number of cycles before failing due to fatigue. How many cycles before failure will be governed by the stress that the suspension components are made to endure, which will depend on the height of the kerb and ...

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