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This happened to me as well with my ek...ON BOTH SIDES... I spent 6 hours grinding, drilling and cutting before I got the bolt and the round tap nut off the first time, the second only took 2 hours since I knew what I was doing from Before,then I just replaced them with a new nut and bolt, just make sure they're the right size or they'll back themselves out ...


Bajaj shocks are really cheap, maybe $20. You can get them wherever the bikes are sold (in Asia). As far as length, I am unsure what the length is on stock shocks, you can measure them with a tape measure. If the length is slightly longer or shorter, you will be fine, it will just change the ride a bit. This is an Indian 150 4-stroke, not an 1100CC race ...


Background There are very simple linkage components that afermarket companies manufacturer to lower motorcycles. Here is an example of a component sold to lower the Kawasaki ER6. This is what the shock to swingarm mount looks like with the linkage in place. This is the appearance of the shock to swingarm mount point without the linkage in place. ...


The stock shock can be replaced on your motorcycle. Indicating that you want to use a 41mm replacement, I am unsure of fitment and could not say. There are several manufacturers that offer replacement rear shocks, they are usually relatively expensive.

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