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It's also called ''sway bar link''


The shocks serve several functions. They moderate the compression and extension of the suspension. When a spring is deflected the shock allows it to compress and expand at a controlled rate. It dampens the "pogo stick" effect. If the pogo stick effect goes on for a period of times it can cause early spring failure. This happens because the spring goes from ...


What you are describing is called bump steer. This is caused by a toe change when the suspension travels vertically. Common Causes include Incorrect tie rod height or lenght steering rack that is not mounted parallel to the datum plane. bent steering parts structural damage to the vehicle I'd start by checking the mounting of the steering rack since ...


Your suspension is bent up and is a big mess. Goto a mechanic and get an estimate before it flies apart and injures you or innocent bystanders. I can see a wheel shaking, off camber and out of alignment while you drive down the road. This is not trivial. Imagine only one of your front brakes working well and you have to panic stop for a crosswalk filled ...

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