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Are you talking about for these? If so, you are looking for MOOG # RK620504 for the lower right and MOOG # RK620505 for the lower left. If you don't want Moog parts, just use the numbers. You can order the parts online from rockauto.com or get them from your friendly neighborhood parts store. There are also parts listed for upper and lower rear ...


Sears bro sears. Any number of things cause it and unless you jack up the car and take pictures we wouldn't be able to accurately diagnose. It sounds simular to my 05 Mustang before I had the struts replaced. I would take it to Sears Auto Shop and allow them to do a free check of your vehicle. You are not obligated to have it repaired there if they find ...


Apparently this particular model suffers from this issue in cold climates. This is due to the factory o-ring failing to provide a good seal and thus allowing air to enter the Power Steering Pump Inlet. The fix is to replace the o-ring. A step by step guide to this is provided in this link

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