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I had a situation like this many years ago: my 87 Mustang would make squeaking brake disk noises from one of the front wheels when the wheels were very close to straight ahead. When I turned the steering wheel, the noise would sometimes stop. This was eventually diagnosed as a brake disk that was very slightly warped. Your car is getting older now (full ...


DTC P0420 - Catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank-1) DTC P0457 - Evaporative emission control system leak detected (fuel cap loose/off) First let's look at the P0420 causes include: Exhaust leak Catalytic converter Rear O2 sensor circuit The computer compares the pre- and post-cat O2 sensors readings to determine if the cat is working ...


It turns out the way to resynch a Cobra key fob is to hold both buttons down for about 6-8 seconds, or until the flashing lights stop flashing. You then release the buttons, and press each of them once. Update: It turns out there is even a Cobra Car Tech YouTube channel, and they have a video showing what I have described above.


Your vehicles engine is listed as a 'free-wheeler'. This means that under normal circumstanaces, if the timing belt breaks the pistons and valves will not strike each other. Even so you would need to know why the belt broke and if there is any other damage to the engine which would have caused a breakage.

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