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Check the rpms on it when on idle , it sounds like could be loosing power, could be spark plugs, or your ac compressor might be defective and applies a hold down on the engine and causes week air into brake booster n so when u apply brakes+ steer+ ac rpms drop


It's called an Ackermann steering mechanism. It is based on the Ackermann steering geometry principle. If you look at the two diagrams, you'll see what's going on. The two steering arms are designed in such a way so the turning knuckle center point (point at which the wheel rotates on) and the tie rod end connection points, when a line is drawn through ...


It sounds to me like the previous owner suspected an outer CV joint (which was my first thought when you described the problem) and changing it didn't fix the issue. I would double check that the outer CV joints look new and there is a good chance the problem could relate to one of the inner CV joints. Diagnosing the problem will likely be a case of ...


The ESP is Electronic Stability Program. It requires the steering wheel angle sensor to work correctly. With it erroring, the ESP may make bad decisions as to your interest in which direction you want your car to go. Your MB may be smart enough to shut off the ESP when there is a problem in the system. If this is the case, or if you can shut it off manually ...


I had this in one of my Mk1 Golf GTI's and what had actually happened was that the bulkhead had corroded and the steering rack mount came away from the bulkhead which caused the steering column to disconnect from the rack thus loosing all steering. Thankfully it happened at a low speed. Definitely a weak point on the Mk1 Golf and anyone else reading this ...


Found it was because a bolt holding the steering rack in place had sheared. Very dangerous and glad I decided to visit a mechanic!


My first suggestion was going to be the wheel bearing. It still might be one of the rear bearings. I had this problem with my '06 Pontiac and the wheel hub (including bearing) was surprisingly cheap and easy to replace. You should be able to inspect the rear bearings much the same way as the front bearings. My second suggestion would be the CV joints. The ...

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