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Once u replace the rears it might be worth getting the tracking done. After that it could be a problem with power steering as might be itermitent fault with servo.


from what you've said it sounds like an issue with the rear tyres, mismatching different makes of tyre's can throw the handling out as they all have different tread patterns (even more noticable in the rain because they aqua plane differently) couple of other things to check would be - Check all the wheels have been balanced properly check all the tyres ...


Depending on how well you know the feeling, the symptoms sound like they could just be a brief slip into oversteer: As the back end loses traction (which could be the case based on your description of the tyres) the car will feel like it is suddenly turning too much into the corner. Normally, however, once you lose the back end, it doesn't come back by ...


I pulled the tires off and inspected the front end suspension and steering, and found that the sway bar linkage on the drivers side was detached.


I've had this behaviour on a number of vehicles and a number of time. Each time it was caused by a different source. These included; Worn out engine mounts causing the engine / gearbox assembly to move around on and off throttle Worn out rear wheel bearing so there was excessive play and the rear wheel was effectively causing the car to rear wheel steer ...


It is called "Torque steering" The link provides various causes and solutions.


The vehicle in question is a front-wheel drive. FWDs are sensitive to front wheel alignment, since the front suspension and wheel linkages work under different conditions when accelerating and not accelerating: on acceleration, the wheels push backwards on the road, thus tend to move the front suspension forwards relative to the vehicle. on ...

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