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Paul & Handy I Did as you suggested and I was hoping for the best. Front tires to back and back to front. Made no difference. I had them install the Michelin premiere a/s and the vibration ceased. Gone. VERY happy camper. It's odd as I have the Continental control contacts on my wife's IS350C sports/ touring, car and they are VERY good tires. Smooth, ...


You more than likely have a wheel/tire which is not quite balanced correctly. The description you give points directly to this. It would not be a bent rim, because you would feel this at any speed. If you can figure out exactly which wheel/tire it is through rotation (front to rear only ... and then only if the front and rear tires are the same size), you ...


Have you tried swapping the front and rear wheels, you could have one slightly bent wheel.


Have you tried changing Tie-Rod Ends on both sides, and check if the Stabilizer bar as well as the rubbers that holds it. Hope this works for you


This is almost certainly a case of a loose PS Belt and a simple repair on most vehicles. It's usually a matter of loosening a couple of Bolts and using a pry bar to provide leverage at some point and then tightening the bolts that would have been loosened previously to free up the Belt. Sorry about the crappy instructions but I am sure you will figure it out ...


You seem to be describing the weight of the steering, which varies from vehicle to vehicle. It isn't something to be concerned about. Many factors influence the lightness (or heaviness) of steering feel, including: steering/chassis geometry amount of hydraulic (power-steering) assist tire size I would be concerned if you cannot or struggle to turn ...


The issue with modern cars is they are too much electronically based.the ac of any car is a heavy load on the system.when a person starts his/her car it is always recommended to start the car at a lower level of ac power.the relays of the car like any protection device get the car in its "safety turn-off" to avoid any major breakdowns. The issue with your ...

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