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My first suggestion was going to be the wheel bearing. It still might be one of the rear bearings. I had this problem with my '06 Pontiac and the wheel hub (including bearing) was surprisingly cheap and easy to replace. You should be able to inspect the rear bearings much the same way as the front bearings. My second suggestion would be the CV joints. The ...


If everything in the power steering system checks out, it could be a binding U joint: http://my.cardone.com/techdocs/PT%2027-0007.pdf


OEM fluid is almost never required - you can almost find an aftermarket fluid meeting the same spec. Look on the fluid and look for "Meets GM Spec 89201184" or something simmilar. As to what you need specifically: The Enclave requires either Dexron VI or equivalent or GM 89021184 or equivalent fluid. It depends on the year it was built. Amsoil has a lookup ...


If it only occurs after braking, it could be a warped rotor or sticky caliper. If the brake pedal feels like it vibrates when braking then it's most likely warped rotors. If your fuel economy is lower than usual then it's possibly a sticky brake caliper. Another possibility is a bad wheel bearing. Put the car on jack stands and try making the wheels ...


Edmunds is showing it as a constant ratio (14.7:1). Steering type as: Electric-assist, speed-proportional, rack-and-pinion power steering Variable ratio steering is not that common. If it had it, I'm sure it would appear all over the place.


I'm not convinced its ok. The total toe is within spec but the toe on one side is out of spec, this would mean that the wheel may well scrub on one edge faster than the rest. The idea of it being acceptable at 0.44 is that its a total of 0.22 on both sides. The front left is 0.37 out which is out of spec. I would normally bring it back to within spec.


No, total toe is what matters, as long as your steering wheel is straight when you are riding down the road. Basically when those readings were taken the steering wheel may not have been pointing straight ahead. If the tech didn't still have the steering wheel locked down and the steering wheel turned slightly it would cause those readings. Another possible ...

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