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You need to make some modifications to your cad drawing so it is in line with what the Ackerman Theory is stating. I'm sure once you get things correct in your drawing, you'll find it will work just fine. I've added some annotations to this image to help you understand where you are going wrong with your example. First, do you notice that on your ...


The Ackermann Theory states the meaning of your first drawing, ie that a line drawn through the center line of the track and the steering track rod end would pass through the centre of the rear axle. To achieve this with your with CAD programme you will need to include camber, caster and the suspensions included angle to facilitate this.


Well I've inspected underneath the car, everything looks straight and nothin has snapped. The suspension looks fine but I cant really tell if it has moved in anyway. Also the right wheel is rubbing on the spring thing that's above the wheel when I turn either way.


As you have a serious brake fault you will need to have the vehicle lifted to a garage for repair. A complete brake inspection and overhaul would be required, especially as you do not have a complete history of the vehicle having recently acquired it. Next step will be replacement of any bent wheels and possibly damaged tyres. This vehicle will also need an ...

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