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What you are most likely experiencing is the pull from tires when breaking on uneven surface or road with grooves from heavy vehicles. If you have rather wide, sticky, square tires, this is what it would be. Notice how water stands in sort of lines, that's where the grooves are formed from vehicles. Depending on if you are closer to the right side of the ...


If you have worn out steering parts, these can cause your issue, worn parts cause slack in the steering, when you brake it will pull to the side which has the most slack at the time. You can test for steering slack by starting the car, leave it park, set the brake and roll down the drivers window, get out and reach inside the window and rock the steering ...


I disagree that this is a wheel alignment issue, as the car is pulling randomly to either side - I'd expect alignment to either show no pulling, just tire wear, or to pull consistently to one side. I suggest you take the car to a mechanic you trust, and get them to check out the calipers - sounds like they may be sticking randomly. You don't say how old the ...


Your rubber is grinding against the front wheel well liner - there is a plastic area there your tire grinds against on full lock because you upsized your wheels. Solution - take a heat gun and warm up the area where the tire grinds, then push it out a bit. Don't overheat as it easily melts. Here:


Just had new rims and performance tires installed on a 2001 CLK430. Same vibration through the steering wheel at 100 kph (ish).....regardless of road surface.....going to get the fronts rebalanced first as they did an alignment and checked the suspension during the install. I'll post the results.


From Ben's comment, It's probably just a coincidence that the pump shaft seal started leaking. Universal fluids are used all the time and the Toyota power steering pump isn't anything special. Either way the pump has to be replaced/rebuilt You either need to replace the pump or rebuild it. Also, if you flush the system, or have done prior to the leak ...

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