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It sounds like you are starting the journey investigating how your car works and how to maintain it properly. Awesome. I recommend that you start the trip with the purchase of a service manual (either Haynes or Chiltons) They run about $30 USD. That book will help you understand how things work. They provide troubleshooting guides for repairing issues. ...


Another point noone's raised - one could assume the wheels are straight normally. If they're over at lock already, a driver might get a surprise when they get in and drive off, especially if they're in hurry. Wouldn't take very long at all to strike something/one nearby, like walls, kerb/curbs, people or other parked cars.


Are they directional tires? The one with arrow on the sidewall indicating the direction of rotation like with some brands of snow tires. If they are not installed with the arrows facing toward the front they would act as you describe. At slow speeds they would throw you side to side and be very hard to drive.

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