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Get an alignment and also have your struts tightened. Pay attention to whether it happens when shifting also, which probably wouldn't be a concern because every once in a blue moon your transmission just doesn't synchronize perfectly, or may be warped at specific locations. Sometimes the road may just be imperfect. I sit 3 inches from the ground, sometimes ...


One item which may have a bearing on the steering wheel vibration may be affectedby the brakes. By adjustment to the through lever at the rear of the master cylinder overcame the problem of my ford falcon model BF may assist.


If I'm understanding your description here, I'd say your biggest issue is a safety issue with your steering column. You really need to get it together correctly so you will not have issues driving it. This is not only your safety you need to be worried about here, but the safety of your passengers and other motorists as well. To answer your questions, ...

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