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Theory It sounds as if the starter solenoid is getting 'stuck' due to low voltage. That is the second buzzing noise. The high pitched sound is your fuel pump priming your system and is normal. Perhaps the rain created a grounding situation that drained your battery a bit. Regardless of that speculation, here is the fix. Charge the battery. I believe ...


The part of starting a car that takes the most energy is overcoming the compression inside the cylinders. When the engine is running, the fuel/air mix in each cylinder is compressed by the firing stroke of another cylinder, but when starting, the starter motor has to do it all. If you think that the engine was turning over, but it was not starting, it is ...


When a starter is energized and cranking the engine, it will pull more power than any other electrically operated part on the vehicle. You say you think the car was cranking over ... I'd submit that maybe what you thought you heard was not what was actually happening.

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