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Impact drivers don't produce a continuous high torque, they produce a repeated pulse of high torque. This will not turn your engine over, it will just tighten the nut well. It probably wont do the crank bearings any good either. You want something with a sprag clutch to allow one-way drive.


When you say you have replaced the ignition tumblers, I am presuming you have replaced the electricial switch on the back of tumblers, so let's forget about that. Seeing as you need to initiate this by turning the key, it can't be a short somewhere. If the starter is indeed being powered at this point, the only thing left that could cause this is the ...


To answer your first question, yes an impact version would be bad on your motor. You would basically be hammering away on the 17mm nut, torquing it beyond where it would need to be. This alone could cause the nut to break or the shaft upon which it tightens to become stripped or broken. My suggestion to you if you want to continue to use the power device ...


No, there are no benefits to giving your car throttle immediately after startup. This extra throttle will not recover the battery from the amount of power you just used to start the car any better than it will by just driving immediately after you start up. Also, given that you have a fuel-injected vehicle, there's no need to warm up the engine for more than ...


Turned out to be the starter. Needed to get it replaced. (what worked to get it started, is turn the key and tap on the starter in your engine at the same time)

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