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The "solenoid trick" pretty much guarantees that the solenoid is good. When you short it with the wrench you're simulating a start signal on the small terminal. When you do that the solenoid does its job, so the solenoid is probably good. So now the question is why aren't you getting the start signal when you turn the key or hit the starter switch. Start by ...


If your car has a thief-deterrent (start inhibitor) or a remote starter, it may have been buggered up. Also, there are simpler methods to reset your check engine light. Most code readers will do this, and many cars have an onboard procedure that will blink the codes and then reset the light.


The symptoms that you're describing sound like a poor ground connection for the starter motor. The starter draws way more power (i.e., current) than any other load. If you don't have a good solid connection it is likely that the motor won't be able to run, or won't develop enough torque to start the car. The battery posts are slightly tapered and the slight ...


Bad battery, even though it initially tested well.

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