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It could also be the Crank Position Sensor. It is mounted on the flywheel cover and if it gets contaminated with dust from the clutch it can stop the engine from starting. It confuses the average guy as it looks like either a fuel or ignition problem. It is held in position with two bolts. Might be awkward to get to. Hope this helps.


If your driving is consistent, you could test it out by measuring your gas mileage, with shutting your vehicle off at lights, and not shutting it off. You would want to average at least 3 tanks of each to make sure there aren't any weird outliers (stuck in traffic, muggy weather). If you want an exact answer for your vehicle, you would need some way to ...


For your edification in case you want to try this. Here are the procedures for getting the vehicle to learn the new key. There are some disclaimers/actions you need to pay attention to, so read the entire procedure before you try to do this. If your key is a completely metal key, it will not have a chip inside of it. If it looks like the image below, it ...

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