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The problem turned out to be the alternator.


First of all, eliminate everything else of the final things you pulled prior to assuming it's the solenoid on the starter, but I think you are onto it with the starter. You would have all of these symptoms with a starter motor which is engaged all the time. I'd suggest you are going to end up replacing the starter anyway ... the drive to the mechanic if only ...


I have a 2008 Impreza and had the same problem once last Winter. Battery boost didn't help. Still nothing except a solenoid click. It's a standard shift so we towed it to start it. All was OK after the engine warmed up. I suspect that slush from the salted roads collected somewhere around or in the starter motor and then froze up overnight with the lower ...


It sounds as though the solenoid is going out on your starter, or possibly the brushes are worn out on the armature. I doubt it has to do with the cold, mainly because you said it did it after being running for a while (on your trip to Tim Hortons). The starter/solenoid would have been pretty warm at that point ... way warmer than it would need to be if ...

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