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Did you check both fuel pumps? Could one be working and one not. There are two on the 2007 one under the driver’s side and one under the passenger side.


it sounds like idle control valve I had same problem on my Peugeot 206 gti when I started engine , it would cut out and I would need to turn over with accelerator. I would hold revs at 1000-1100 until warm after this would drive phone but very lumpy when at roundabouts etc but would cut out 4/10 ten times cheers spence


The engine is optimized to be efficient at high rpm or at low rpm (racing engine or cement mixer design respectively) but it can't be efficient at every possible speed so it is up to the driver to choose the best gear and speed to match the capabilities of the motor he has, i.e. keep it revving at an appropriate rpm for the speed/torque demanded of that ...


What it comes down to is there are trade offs. In the case of the engine, it's torque output and rotating mass versus engine speed ... read on. First, it isn't power which is needed, but torque to keep an engine running. In the early days of engines, each had one cylinder and didn't run very fast. To keep it running, it had a very large flywheel attached to ...

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