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My guess is fuel pressure, a bad pump or clogged fuel filter. I would put a fuel pressure gauge on it and see what the pressure is next time it stalls and you try to restart.


The first thing that I would check for is a vacuum leak. Vacuum hoses rot over time making this is a common cause of engine speed problems at idle. Carefully examine all of the boots and hoses connected to your intake manifold.


There are scanners that will talk to OBD1 computers, but most shops (I would guess) don't have the equipment anymore. I got rid of my OBD1 equipment last year. I've seen ≤ 2 cars that required me to use it in the past 4 years. Maybe a GM dealer would still have the equipment. You would have to call around and ask. By jumping pin A to pin B on the ALDL ...


Your data logs tell me the following: Fuel trims are fine Here are some plots I generated from your data for both short-term and long-term fuel trims. The plot above (Bank 1 STFT vs Bank 2 STFT) show that there is no bank imbalance and most of the data points hover around zero STFT correction, which tells me that feedback from the O2 sensors is ...

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