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Your data logs tell me the following: Fuel trims are fine Here are some plots I generated from your data for both short-term and long-term fuel trims. The plot above (Bank 1 STFT vs Bank 2 STFT) show that there is no bank imbalance and most of the data points hover around zero STFT correction, which tells me that feedback from the O2 sensors is ...


O2 sensors are interesting critters to diagnose. The ones at the upstream side of the Cats are the ones that send data to the ECM module continuously for keeping the air/fuel ratios optimum. The downstream O2 sensors for the most part do absolutely nothing throughout their service life. Their purpose is to monitor the condition of the Cats. If the Cats are ...


i have a 2007 hyundai accent that is having the same problem and it would stall all the time and i had to let it sit for a while before it would start. i ask around and a friend told me to check the map sensor. so i got a new one and put it in and had no more problems with the car stalling. so check that and see if that helps

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