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Problems like this are addressed in Charles Probst's excellent reference, Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management. From what I can gather, the Mk1 Golf utilizes a basic K-Jetronic system illustrated in the diagram below1 (which operates on the principle of continuous injection). The stalling symptom is an indication that the air-fuel mixture is not ...


All EFI engines shut off the fuel injectors when the accelerator is released above a certain RPM or speed (varies by manufacturer). It's easier to detect on newer model cars with a digital instant fuel economy gauge where when cruising at 55 MPH and the accelerator pedal is released, the economy readout will shoot from 30 MPG to the highest number or the ...


I will explain it for an EFI engine with a manual transmission because it might not be as straight forward with a carbureted engine or automatic. For ease of explaining this I will consider the engine as "on" whenever the ignition switch is set to the "on" state. This means that the ECU is on and is monitoring the engine state and controlling it's behavior. ...


The sensor should not cause the engine to stall. All of the accessories not working (power steering and brakes) would be normal with a stalled engine. What I would be looking at is the fuel pump might be going bad. A mechanic can easily check this by placing a fuel pressure sensor on the fuel line to check the pressure. If the engine is losing fuel pressure, ...


My guess is that your long term fuel trim was commanding the fuel injectors to inject less fuel. When you start your car, you are running open loop (without the feedback of the Oxygen Sensor). In the warm-up phase, if your long term fuel trim is low, the car will stall since it is injecting less fuel than it was calibrated for. When you disconnected the ...


The lights coming on is normal for engine off, key on. That is just the car illuminating most/all of the lights to verify the bulbs work.


If you mean the engine shuts off, when you come to a stop, it's likely a Torque Converter Lockup Solenoid keeping the Torque Converter Clutch engaged stalling the engine when you come to a stop

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