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I would go with this: Use a spark plug that is one heat range colder than standard to compensate for the increased heat from LPG Copper spark plugs won't do any damage if they are not too "hot" (dissipates(transfers heat to cylinder head) heat fast enough). Volvo OEM Platinum plugs are very good - you can safely use them in LPG setup.


If there is no room for drill I would try to do as written in this guide. It seems that this could be a cheap solution for your problem. EZout extractor can be bought on ebay or maybe at your local house tools store. I hope it helps.


Assuming the body of plug is still screwed into head squirt wd40 liberally and leave o/night.You can then purchase a thin straight wall plug socket much like you would use on a lawnmower (the type you put a screwdriver through to turn)This should easily fit in gap surrounding plug

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