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Reset the ECU. It has learned to work in the conditions of a vacuum leak(busted vacuum line). From experience in working on my family's 01 v6 explorer sport, 91 bronco, and 2001 f150, the vacuum system is all one connected system. So, a broken vacu line can cause an overall vacuum issue. I don't know like with my jeep there is an ECU purge procedure,but ...


There are some advantages to having a smaller, thinner electrode, in that it reduces something called the quenching effect. This is when the heat from the spark is partly absorbed by the electrodes, reducing the effectiveness of the spark. However for the same reason, thinner electrodes also can't conduct away heat as well, so they tend to erode faster. ...


The engine is unlikely to be damaged. This is not true for the catalyst. With one cylinder pumping air into the exhaust the mixture sensors (oxygen sensors) will see this as a lean condition and try to compensate by enriching the others on that bank. This results in a uneven mixture at the catalyst, which can damage it. It OK to drive to the shop of your ...


One thing worth mentioning is that running with a missing cylinder will result in engine vibrations that will be felt across most of the rev range. This will not cause damage in the short term, but will make for a rather annoying driving experience.


Yes you can. Obviously you'll be at a reduced power level, but no problems should occur from doing this. EDIT: While I believe this is a "plug on" application, you'll want to ensure your coil is not connected either. I doubt it will be down in the hole, but you don't want to have the coil attached to the wiring harness without it being able to throw ...


Make sure you gapped your plugs and they are proper heat range

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