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Several things to check: Ensure all of your spark plug boots are fully seated. Also, use dielectric grease in the boots to ensure you can pull them off easily the next time. Ensure you have the wires going to the correct spark plug. It's easy to switch two of these out, which will cause a major power decrease. Pull a single spark plug out and ensure it is ...


One other tip that you may wish to try if there is no way to get a socket on it, two long screw drivers down the inside of the remains of the plug so they nip up against the electrode tip and try turning it out that way. I've personally had success in this scenario using this technique on a Renault.


You could try greasing the outside of the plug leads with dialectric (silicone) grease. This is standard procedure when servicing certain Citroen vehicles.


First of all, check the image in this link to diagnose the state of the spark plug. Look for cracks in the porcelain of your spark plugs, as this is a sure sign it is bad (electricity leakage will occur). Even if it's working now, it will soon fail. Next, to check the spark plug lead, you can check it by ohming it (checking the resistance of the wire). A ...

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