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On my most recent car before my current car, I put in a K&N air filter. I believe I saw a minor improvement in horsepower, but it could also have been the placebo effect. As to your questions: You can save money with a K&N as long as the following are true: You clean/oil the filter at the recommended intervals You don't live in an excessively ...


A few rules of thumb that apply to the Kia Soul as well as most other cars. Avoid HID/Xenon headlight retrofit kits unless they're part of an entirely new assembly with optics designed specifically for HID usage. In almost all cases, adding an HID retrofit kit generates a) dangerous glare for oncoming traffic and b) does not properly illuminate the road ...


It is probably the connector to the buckle sensor, and you can call the dealer. Connectors and things like that are usually fairly affordable.


Related information on HID headlights in thread: Upgrade to HID lights in a Jeep Wrangler

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