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If your tire was burning you'd know it, and it wouldn't stop when you stop the car. If you have a rear wheel drive car then it could be from the drivetrain, but I would bet it's the parking brake. Parking brakes usually work on the rear wheels, either with a separate set of calipers and pads, or by clamping the main brakes. It could also be a stuck brake ...


If the rubber burns, you wouldn't say 'possibly'. I'm sure you'd recognize a smell of a rubber, so I have to guess it is brake shoe/pad, most likely hand brake cable or shoe or slave cylinder issue, depends on a car model.. Unless you have 1000 hp engine.. ;)


Smoke coming from brakes isn't very common. I would monitor your oil level to make sure that you are not burning or leaking oil somewhere from the engine. When you start your car, walk around it and see if you see smoke coming from the exhaust or engine compartment.


There are several products that claim to install a new car smell. Meguiar's G4216 New Car Scent Protectant is one of many that are available. Smell is a very subjective so reviews vary on these products. Automotive detailers use products not available on the retail market; one of these is likely what you smelled in your used car. Here is an article on the ...

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