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There are several products that claim to install a new car smell. Meguiar's G4216 New Car Scent Protectant is one of many that are available. Smell is a very subjective so reviews vary on these products. Automotive detailers use products not available on the retail market; one of these is likely what you smelled in your used car. Here is an article on the ...


Depending on the design of the turbo kit and installation, it could be due to the turbo blow off valve, if it is vented externally and not back into the intake upstream, you could smell gas briefly when it discharges turbo pressure on a hard deceleration.


Have you changed the cabin filters lately? Black mold can smell like Urine-Ammonia, this mold can also grow on the ac evaporator coil. Pull the cabin filters and check for mold. Other than this it could be a rich running engine that causes the catalytic converter to put out strong odors.


Years ago when I used to inspect vehicles for a living. There was one thing that would cause such nasty fumes after 30 minutes or so. It was over spray from the anti-rust coating that sometimes would end up on exhaust parts and cause pungent sulfurous stench when hot. If it were an exhaust leak it would noticed a lot sooner and have a noise as well.

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