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Once the vehicle is started, either with a new battery (if the current one is damaged beyond use ... might be, considering the amount of time it was dead) or with the one which is in there already after it's been recharged, I doubt you'll see any issues with the electronics or otherwise. There are a few exceptions to this, one of those being if rodents have ...


I think you can turn them on/off using the touch stuff found on page 38 of the manual you gave a link to. Here is an excerpt from it: Looking at Figure 15 (on the left), it says to change the display to use G (bottom right hand corner of the display), which then flips you over to Figure 16 (on the right). Then try using A (upper left) on this screen or ...


The brake fluid was running low, during heavy acceleration or turning the fluid will roll away from the sensor, which created the warning. I topped up with DOT4 brake fluid and the problem has been resolved. Do not shake the Brake fluid you do not want bubbles dispersed in you brake fluid.


Turns out the fix required the replacement of a fuse.


Most likely a dodgy connection on one or more wires. The wires to and from each lock have to go through the 'snake' connecting the door to the bodyshell, and this typically is the most likely place for failures to occur, particularly on the driver's door (the one opened and shut most frequently, twisting the wires more and thus fatigueing them more). ...

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