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Standard digital multimeters can measure current and help you identify what in your vehicle is consuming your battery's juice. Get an electrical diagram of your vehicle and try to narrow it down by doing current measurements in the various major paths of flow. When your car is off, no (or only trace) current should be flowing. Every time the path of ...


Find your fuse box diagram. With everything off, pull fuses out one by one and use a multimeter on the fuse socket to measure the current drawn through that circuit. That will give you some indication as to what is causing the power drain.


In addition to an unexpected electrical load, as covered by Captain Claptrap, there are other things to check. The two biggest killers of lead/acid batteries are overcharging and vibration. Unless you have the equipment and the skills to use it properly (in which case you probably wouldn't be asking) I suggest you get the charging system checked by an ...


I know this is an old forum, but i need to comment. i have a 1998 jeep grand cherokee laredo that i bought for my daughter to use. the battery was brand new when i got the jeep, but soon after purchasing it i would find if it sat a few days without driving it the battery would be completely dead. i searched online, asked my mechanic friends and didnt hear of ...


That just means that particular circuit is an always on circuit and not switched by the ignition. When you reconnect the battery lead the computer is probably doing a power on test and as such some relays are being activated such as testing the fan etc.


I assume youre talking about a parasitic drain. A "short" is easy to find because it will blow a fuse. Take a compass around the wiring and it will point to the location of a "short". Another easy way to find a short is using a guass gage(google it)


The only foreseeable problem would come from mixture problems due to your O2 sensor readings. Look for a wiring diagram somewhere, and see if the components share any common grounds or points. Repairing a wire can be cheap if you can do it, as the bulk of the labor cost will likely come in trouble shooting it. As far as the EGR goes, it is more of an ...

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