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This should be a relatively easy repair, as long as you have the tools to do it. The part you are looking for is called the sway bar (or stabilizer bar) bushings and links. You'll want to get a complete set of them (eight bushing halves, two link rods, two nuts, two sleeves and eight washers). As an example, you can get a set of these from RockAuto.com for ...


It's not difficult at all and can be done with basic tools. There will be one or two bolts on each end. Just take them off and replace with the new ones. It may help to take the tires off but may not be necessary. You will need to lift it up most likely depending on how much clearance is under the vehicle, it will make it easier if you lift it up.


I haven't had time to research your state, but you should be able to look up the requirements on your state DMV website. The state standards vary wildly so you will have to check your state specifically. In NC they have to be really bad to fail inspection, but again in your state it depends on what the standards are. Without actually seeing what was moving ...


The shock absorbers do much more in a vehicle than just provide a comfortable ride. They are crucial to the stability of the vehicle, as I'm sure you know. They affect/prevent body roll, pitch, braking distance, etc, etc. If you've got worn shocks and the kids freak out in the back while you're on the freeway, you'll know what I mean! The part you've ...

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