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The late 60s to early 70s mustangs has shocks and springs on the upper control arms. Normally They are installed on the lower control arm to save space. By fitting them between the control arms the towers don't have to be as tall or the shock/spring could be mounted directly to the frame.


"Hand priming" or actuation is effectively worthless as a gauge on the performance of a Shock/Strut Assy. Only when severely damaged or out of service will the activity show any truly noticeable difference. And by priming the shock, you're effectively wasting your time. It will do so on its own. The reason why this "works" is occasionally air or gas may slip ...


Hand Priming Shocks of Various Dampeners/Struts is Urban Legend This myth has been perpetuated over time and has gained legs and therefore credibility. Yes, it's true that the gas and oil separate on the shelf lying horizontally. It's also true that they separate on the shelf if stored vertically, piston rod up or down. But it doesn't matter. These ...


Wait what? Let's look at some physics here. If you have less grip in the front, your car understeers, you hit the tree and you die. If you have less grip in the rear, you ovesteer, you hit the tree and die again, not seeing what killed you. 1. Rear end Grip Shocks are important to maintain the balance of the vehicle in a turn and ensure contact of the ...

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