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No, Not at all. Someone said here this: "You lose the added benefit of engine braking if the car's not in gear" Not true for automatic gears. Transmission still will allow the power from engine to go to wheels. Putting in Neutral will cut the power immediately and shorten the distance you need to come to a full stop. Try stopping from 40 mph with and ...


A friend of mine recently had a similar issue on his 18,000 mile Ford C-Max, attributed to a failed hydraulic cylinder which then emptied fluid all over the clutch thus ruining it. I wonder if there is a hydraulic problem with these cars that Ford aren't talking about.


Do you hear a click of the brake lock disengagement from the steering column when you depress the brake pedal, with the key in, engine on? If you don't, it could be either faulty wiring to the disengagement solenoid, or the solenoid itself failed (something rather rare, but I have fixed before). Depending on your comfort level, you could: Check the brake ...


Same thing just happened to my wife's 2005 Chrysler 300 LTD. Search a "K39 Recall". Chrysler should fix for free!! (Aug. 2015)

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