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One item that hasn't been mentioned but seems like it should be on the list is cleaning the MAF ( and maybe IAT ) if they're the hot wire type. Even though it's not considered "regular maintenance" it seems like they seem to get fouled allot on older, high mileage vehicles. I did a partial, quickie cleaning of mine on my 97 Mazda 323 and saw an immediate ...


The MOT only checks a specific set of things, as described in the link in Chenmunka's answer. Tyre pressure isn't one of them, but tyre condition and tread depth are. Some MOT stations (usually the smaller ones) will fix minor things as they go, big ones won't as they can charge you extra to do things afterwards! However - it is your responsibility (by law) ...


This is all explained on the Government website for the MOT. The leaflets are kept up to date at legislation changes. Whether an individual test centre will fix minor faults like tyre pressure is down to the centre.

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