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L.S! The answer above is about the RPM of the engine,not the speed of the car ,this can only be measured by the RPM of the wheel(s). Gr.Jilke.


I had very similar symptoms on a BMW, the sensor itself was faulty and the problem was solved by replacing it. There are two ways of diagnosing this that I can think of: Look at the sensor readings in the live data section of a diagnostics tool If you don't have access to such a tool, buy one new sensor and fit it to each position one by one until the ...


While i'm not sure if there are mechanical tachometers like speedometers electronic tachometers are quite simple. An electronic tachometer works like an old analog volt meter. The speed of the engine is converted to a voltage. The voltage is fed to the moving coil. The coil creates a magnetic field. That field of the coil tries to align itself with the ...

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