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The basic answer to your question is: Yes To be more specific, I cannot tell you if it will work or not. It appears you already have the specific dash version you want. What you can do is install it and see if it will work. What is the worst which can happen? If you are not modifying anything to fit the different gauge cluster, all you have to do is ...


This will not likely work. If the sensor is not the correct part number for the specific vehicle it is unlikely that it will match the exacting electrical specifications needed for the PCM to control and read the sensor. AFR sensors are matched to the PCM. Unlike so called "oxygen sensor" which can more often be interchanged across different engines and ...


I agree with @fredwilson on this one you probably just screwed your self by cutting the connector off. You should of taken the sensor back and gotten the one appropriate for your car. In any case your going to have to cut the connector off the old sensor as well. Keep track of where the wires go into the connector and solder or crimp the connections.

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