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The 'worst case scenario' that I can think of is this. Your spark plugs become fouled because the motor ran too rich and the bike doesn't start. You would need to remove the spark plugs and clean them with a carb or brake cleaner and re-install them. Don't worry about your vehicle. It's fine.


It will not damage the engine at all. All that will happen is that it will run richer, thus using more fuel. If you did it for thousands of miles you'd probably end up with more deposits in the engine/exhaust, but even that is easy to sort.


Open up the variator and check the rollers. You will need an impact wrench or a holding tool to get the flywheel cover off. The variator is in the front of the transmission. When you inspect the rollers, look for cracks or flat spots. While you're in there, check the belt as well. Order new rollers just in case, they're less than $20. The cheapo ones that ...


If the vehicle sits for more then 6-month then the petrol is out of date. Since there is a new way to make petrol it will have a best date of approximately 6-9 months. There is an easy way to see this. Take a small glass and poor in some petrol 2dl, and wait for 5min. If you see petrol in 2 layers then the petrol is bad and your motor wont start.

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