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I'd say there's a problem with the CVT, maybe with the clutch. The CVT At idle or when the motor is off, the belt should run at the edge of the rear pulley and at a really small radius around the front pulley, as seen in this picture: When speeding up, the belt should should rise in the front pulley and sink into the rear pulley, which causes the change ...


So you stripped everything down and now don't know how to get them back..? Okay, once you fit your carb on the engine, you'll have a angled rubber tube (manifold) between a cylinder head and carburetor. On the side of that manifold should be a little fitting for a hose pipe. That hose pipe is sending a vacuum from manifold to a fuel pump that is located ...


The issue of not getting started means that there may be a problem with self-start mechanism or battery (in most cases since it is not an old vehicle). Unless you are not having a very cold day, always apply Choke. If not, then observe the sound from Engine that Self Starter usually makes while you Crank start the engine. If it is feeble or unusual, then it ...


You always need to apply the choke when starting a cold engine. Until the engine is at operating temperature, it needs to run a bit rich to run properly. The choke allow the engine to run rich. 5-7 tries does sound a bit much. Is there a way of priming the engine to ensure fuel is getting into there before cranking?

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