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It will not damage the engine at all. All that will happen is that it will run richer, thus using more fuel. If you did it for thousands of miles you'd probably end up with more deposits in the engine/exhaust, but even that is easy to sort.


Un-sprung Weight With all vehicles, un-sprung weight is the holy grail of handling. Un-sprung weight reductions result in a wheel getting back to the surface area it's adhering to in less time. The result is frequently less over-steer in cars and in motorcycles, less low=sides due to interruptions in friction adhesion to the surface. Un-sprung weight or ...


Instead of recreating the wheel, here are some pretty good reasons why you need to do a break-in on any engine, be it a motorcycle or a car. I found it on this page. I don't necessarily agree with everything the person says on the page, so I'll leave the rest of the reading up to you. The What: Every new engine has internal components that must be ...


The 'worst case scenario' that I can think of is this. Your spark plugs become fouled because the motor ran too rich and the bike doesn't start. You would need to remove the spark plugs and clean them with a carb or brake cleaner and re-install them. Don't worry about your vehicle. It's fine.


The information provided by DucatiKiller is excellent. I believe the biggest advantage is access, which makes wheel changes and maintenance arguably easier. This could also translate to pit-lane advantage in racing situations. Particular case - in the case with Ninja H2R - Having a single-sided swingarm allows the exhaust pipe to be mounted ...


Just remembered that I hadn't posted an answer to this and thought I would just in case someone else has a similar situation. I ended up taking off the ignition cylinder myself (was easier than I thought). Turns out that the ignition cylinder had a a metal rod inside of it that is supposed to turn when you turn the key but it was broken so instead of ...


Agree with @mikes ... your issue is lack of fuel. That "hollow/rattling" noise is pre-ignition/knocking caused by a lean fuel condition. If you keep trying to run your scooter like this, you will blow the piston out of it (if you haven't caused damage already). You'll probably need to rejet the carb and get more fuel into the system. The reason why it ...


If your clutch is burning out so often, maybe it's slipping - check the adjustment of the clutch lever by loosening the locking nut and turning the adjustment (it should engage around halfway on the lever and by fully engaged before the lever is fully out). The kick start may require the clutch to operate.

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