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There are scientific explanations for this. The long and short of it is that the rear tire bears the most weight just the same as a bicycle. ( Brian, if you weren't in OH I'd say let's go for a ride so that I can witness your phenomenon ) http://bicycles.stackexchange.com/questions/14517/why-do-i-always-get-punctures-in-my-rear-wheel ...


While I don't think there can be a specific answer (it may be due to your bad luck, or whatever), it may come down to the fact there is more weight on the back tire than on the front. The front tire can more easily overcome a puncturing obstacle such a nail or a screw, which the back tire picks up. It may also be that the front tire kicks up the obstacle and ...


Answer: the plastic screws are really delicate and they do not turn with enough accuracy to really unlock the panel. The only way I have found is to insert a lever and pull harder, and the panel comes out without breaking anything.


Check intake + exhaust valves, thay aerial more than likely the problem. they have to be set every 1000 miles, otherwise no start or hard start in cold.


That kind of leak can be quickly fixed with gasket silicone (which is VERY cheap and great stuff, I use it everywhere because its easy to use, tolerates high temperatures and seals oil better than the regular gaskets! You can use it together with the regular gaskets to get a seal that last for life! However in your case it would be a temporary fix, if you ...

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