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There is a lot of debate about late ATF changes killing transmissions. To find the real answer you would need a statistically significant number of vehicles for each transmission, and a same-sized control group, driven identically for hundreds of thousands of miles... then one group serviced, the other not, then all driven identically for another hundred ...


Here's a "tip to make sure I got everything right" for the future. One that I use myself, and taught my Auto Tech students as well: The very first thing is to take off the oil cap, and place it over the latch area for the hood, such that you can't close the hood unless you move the cap. This prevents the worst possible thing: finishing the job but ...


So, to answer the more general question – how to verify that everything is OK with the oil change (TL;DR - If you were reasonably careful and aren't standing in a puddle of new oil, you probably didn't, but still its nice to know how to check your work, so keep reading, its not really that long…): Double check everything before you start the engine – oil ...


I believe you just dripped some oil on your exhaust when drained it, don't worry, and your "paranoid" stuff is good - it means you care. Good job Snake! ;)


I think you'll be OK. Drive it around a bit more, and that oil, which sounds like it's on the exhaust pipe, will burn off. Your oil pressure sounds in the normal range - it's usually lower at idle (even down to 20psi is OK). If you're really paranoid, take it to a local jiffylube or similar, and slip them $10 for them to check your work.

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