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Fuel filler neck or pipe, it connects to a rubber hose (8) that connects to the tank (1). Hose clamps (9) are used to secure the hose. If it come loose from the tank then you need to tighten the clamps. If the filler neck is coming a loose from the fender area then you need to tighten or replace the fasteners there. It doesn't look like it's sold separately ...


That particular engine (single cam) commonly has an intake gasket leak with high idle as a symptom. There are other common issues with the same behavior such as the throttle position sensor, idle air controller, and engine coolant temperature sensor. Some googling into saturn forums will provide more troubleshooting and info than I could in a ...


Lock and unlock your car using the key buttons two or three times, count to three between presses. Finally open the door with the key buttons, put the key into ignition and turn it to run. If the indicator for the immobiliser stays on, you now know you have an immobiliser fault. You will proberbly have to have your vehicle scanned for any faults, even if the ...


Turns out it was just my heat shield rattling. I put a hose clamp on it to secure it like in this video http://youtu.be/OO03n22rwfg Anything to do with the transmission (or torque converter, as one friend suggested) was ruled out because the car drives without any problem.

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