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I would take a guess at a faulty ignition switch. The radio usually comes on with the ignition witch in position 1, but the ignition in position 2. The radio stopped working, then after turning the switch, the ignition stopped working.


If your car was running ok, then the alternator was at least providing charge. The fact you couldn't turn it on again after stopping suggests the battery was not holding any charge. So my initial guess would be battery (after eventually deciphering your question I realise you already tried replacing that) I'd suggest you do also look at the alternator as ...


For the no start you'll need to check wiring to the starter. You may or may not have an anti-theft module in your car. Is there a flashing security light when the key is in the on position? Is the battery fully charged? Here's how I would test the circuit, locate the starter relay. In your case it would be under the driver side dash. Pull the relay noting ...

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