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Most modern vehicles are built in the expectation that when being worked on they will be in a repair shop, equipped with service ramps. The is usually a two post ramp, which has four jacking arms. Their arms are placed under the seams of the vehicle, or specific lifting points on them, to raise the vehicle. If you do not have a ramp available, the next best ...


In the first picture where you have the orange circled item ... just to the left of it (in the picture) there is a large bolt which attaches the circled item to the body. This would probably be a good lift point. I've found that anywhere which is going to be used as a bolted mount point is going to be very sturdy. If you are worried about marring the bolt, ...


I think you have to mount it where you can reach it easily when there is a need. You can put it under the driver seat or in front of the passenger seat. In case, if you get into an accident, the extinguisher that was under your seat will be easily accessible.


The best place for it is on the floor, just in front of the passenger seat. It's easy to get to from the driver's seat and in the case of a head-on collision, the only way it can go is away from your girlfriend's/wife's pretty face. But definitely mount it. And buy a proper mount that was designed to allow you to easily remove it in case of an emergency. ...

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