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IMO, it is not I'm considering 3 types of rim. Carbon Fiber Billet Forged Aluminum Alloy Cast Aluminum Alloy All three material types do not lend themselves to flexibility. The brittle nature of the material would crack, perhaps not even visibly. But, I have to be honest here I have straightened cast motorcycle wheels using a small jack and a ...


Fixing a bent motorcycle wheel is situational. If you are on a 125 to 200cc motorcycle using it for commuting purpose and will be driving under the speed limit, I would not be worried and its absolutely fine to reuse a bent wheel. provided the bend was minimal , if its extensive then changing would be a wiser option. If you are on a 600 to 1000cc super ...


If you decide to keep driving on this tire, don't use superglue on that rubber flap. When superglue sets it becomes rigid and brittle. The tire will flex a bit when you drive, and break the glue bond in a short time. Instead, use the rubber glue from a bike tire puncture repair kit.


I had a about a 1/2" tear on the outer wall of a brand new tire.The rim had a scratch, thinking a a curb cut the flap of rubber. Used Gorilla super glue, using latex gloves, squirted a dab of glue into cut, pressed the rubber together. Excess glue created a seal around the cut. Tire looks new, flap is secure. Got lucky the tire wasn't cut deeper so no air ...

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