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Crank position sensor under the exhaust manifold will die every 60-100k and cause this problem.


I've a 93 and have had what sounds like the same problem, that is the ignition turns on but when the key is turned further to start the engine it does not always crank the engine. In my case it was the ignition switch and being one not to through money away I took it all apart and cleaned the switch contacts and it's been fine for the past four/five years. ...


Without seeing the car it's hard to know but it actually sounds to me like the ignition switch is beginning to fail.


The "sometimes cranks, sometimes starts" description sounds like there are two issues present at the same time. My recommended strategy would be to address the intermittent cranking first. Intermittent starting could be something as simple as a bad battery as Anarach explains. With intermittent cranking, the culprit could be a bad starter motor but since ...


The following could be the reason for your car not starting, based on the symptoms you have stated. Car does not crank at all Drained/Dead battery ,Try Jump starting the car, if it starts then it can be the battery, the electrical come on since they don't use as much electricity as the starter motor. Check the cable ends which connect the starter and the ...

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