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The fastest, cheapest and easiest solution is to add a battery disconnect switch to the car. After placing the ignition switch into acc mode the open the hood and disconnect the switch. When you arrive at your destination, open the hood and reconnect the switch. This costs under $20. It also eliminates the need to run anything or calculate anything. Many ...


adding a diode would probably be counterproductive as it will cause an extra voltage drop, I'd look into fitting a relay such that the socket was not connected during engine start.


Disconnecting the battery messes up your radio, etc. Instead of a diode which causes a voltage drop you could put a 55 W lamp in series. It will limit the current to the battery but as the battery charges up the voltage drop across the bulb will reduce and the battery gets full alternator voltage. When cranking the motor home its battery voltage may drop to ...


I found this online.... Should solve your issue:

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