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If you have light surface rust, just driving around and using your brakes normally is a better way to clear it. If however the rust is pitting and flaking the rotors, you should just jump to Step B and replace them.


No;in fact if the hand-emergency-brake hasn't been used regularly you could lock the rear brakes up. Or at least cause them to wear out prematurely from rubbing against the inside of the wheel. This happened to me several years ago.


All the handbrake is doing is using the caliper to bring the pads together on the rear brakes. I don't know if the Nissan Almera is any different than the vast majority of other cars, but most have the emergency brake on the rear brakes. The only way I can see this being helpful is if something is wrong with the brakes besides them being stuck, and the pads ...


An alternative is just covering them up with wheel covers (sometimes called hub caps, but wheel covers cover more than the hub). They can be had quite cheap.


You would be wise to get your vehicle on a hoist and clean up the rusted areas with a wire brush/grinder of various sizes. You can then apply primer or go straight to rubberized undercoat. From there you would be ok to to get your vehicle undercoated from a shop. The key to this is cleanliness. Make sure your vehicles undercarriage is properly rinsed ...

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