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In most cases, using an impact gun will be less likely to cause the fastener to fail. Here is my reasoning: Impact guns provide high torque for very short periods of time. This jarring action or "impact" is going to be more likely to free the fastener. A breaker bar has a continuous torque applied to it. This will be less likely to break it free and will be ...


Regarding rust on the rotors, I live in a humid part of the US on a steep hill. After a particularly wet spell and leaving the car parked for a couple of days, I can actually feel the rust on my rotors the first time I brake going down the hill. They feel "scratchy." That rust wears off after just a few stops, and you can see that they're shiny and smooth ...


The direct answer is that you have to replace your rotors when they start looking like this:


It's pretty obvious from reading all these replies, that the mechanic shops want you to always replace your rotors, and pay them to do it. Rust on the edges is normal and will happen with new rotors in less than a year, depending on where you live. If the rotors have never been resurfaced, you don't have any deep grooves, and your brakes aren't shuddering ...

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