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If the rust is severe I use a dremel to carefully remove it very locally. Then use a cocktail stick dipped in paint to fill the scratch. Build up the paint each time it dries till it is above the surface paint. Finally, t-cut it back till it bends with the surrounding paint


If you want the job done right, then yes: grinding, filling, sanding, priming, and spraying are your best option. There are alternatives out there. Duplicolor makes color matched kits which allows you to paint in the smaller chips (it has an abrasive, color paint brush, then a clear coat to go over the top). I haven't used them, but the product looks like a ...


There are numerous such minute scratches on the bonnet of my 19 years old car. What I do is, whenever I clean the engine bay and when the clothpiece I use to clean will be slightly damp from all the petrol/oil inside the engine bay, I use that clothpiece and wipe on these scratches and the scratches become invisible :).

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