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L.S! The answer above is about the RPM of the engine,not the speed of the car ,this can only be measured by the RPM of the wheel(s). Gr.Jilke.


In addition to what JPhi1618 said... You can set any standard tach up with clips. I did this with a cheap tach when tuning my truck. They have 4 wires - positive, ground, signal, light. Positive and light go to the positive side of the battery with a fuse. Ground goes to the negative side of the battery or an unpainted part of the engine/body. Signal ...


You have a few options out there. There are meters that clip onto the ignition system that show the engine RPMs that are quite simple and cheap: Tach meter at Amazon for example... You can also pick up a "timing light" that has a tachometer function. Either of these tools have other purposes for a shade tree mechanic, so find one that you think you ...


To get us on the same footing, I'm going to assume by saying "clutch pressed halfway" you are suggesting the clutch be halfway engaged (meaning, you are still getting power from the engine, but it's not fully engaged). What you are talking about is called slipping the clutch. It is a process whereby you can get the engine within the power/torque band ...


Guessing. May be due to looping of 2 governors? Your car software tries to maintain the idle rpm. The AC temperature governor tries to maintain temperature, but some clogs in coolant path or issues with compressor leads to variable load on engine. Make sure AC system serviced once.


Or could be your mass airflow sensor because I have similar issues and that is what's wrong with my car


While i'm not sure if there are mechanical tachometers like speedometers electronic tachometers are quite simple. An electronic tachometer works like an old analog volt meter. The speed of the engine is converted to a voltage. The voltage is fed to the moving coil. The coil creates a magnetic field. That field of the coil tries to align itself with the ...


Well - most older cars that didn't have a TCU used manifold vacuum to determine shifts. When one of the vacuum hoses broke or fell off, the transmission wouldn't shift properly. But this won't be realistic for your bicycle - you'll have to write some software and figure out an algorithm that will work - using some speed and torque sensors. It's new ...


Most likely emissions. Some (most) stuff burns off better at higher RPM (for example CO). Controller will drop down RPM when it can. Or you controller is just having problems. If you put the car in neutral you will put less load on the engine.


i've seen this caused by slight loss of pressure in cylinder(s)... its sometimes an early warning of more severe problems that are developing e.g. if there is some light damage to a piston ring or the head gasket that is going to degrade further if left unremedied. a compression test can rule this sort of thing out.


I am presuming this is a gasoline engine. If so, the symptoms sound very much like the throttle internals are dirty. If gunge builds up on the butterfly valve, it can restrict the air required for a smooth idle when the butterfly is closed, so the engine ECU needs to open the Idle Air Valve more that it thinks it should have to and you get into a cycle of ...


What you describe is a common symptom of a dirty or contaminated oil filter! I am speaking of an "automatic transmission fluid" filter. it is similar to a motor oil filter except it filters "ATF"instead of Petroleum oil! When the filter is dirty or contaminated it Beaks down to a Thinner less effective consistency. At that point it can't develop enough ...

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