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I have a 2009 camry hybrid. When I crank it in the morning it is in the electric mode but when the gas motor kicks in it feels like and sounds like the engine is going to fall out.There is a major rattle and vibration but it quits and sounds normal after about 10 seconds. Also, after driving it all day and it is sitting idle, when the elec motor kicks over ...


have you checked the Throttle Position Sensor, MAS Air Flow Sensor, have you cleaned your Throttle Body Unit ?, have you checked & cleaned your EGR Valve,


Guessing. May be due to looping of 2 governors? Your car software tries to maintain the idle rpm. The AC temperature governor tries to maintain temperature, but some clogs in coolant path or issues with compressor leads to variable load on engine. Make sure AC system serviced once.


Or could be your mass airflow sensor because I have similar issues and that is what's wrong with my car


As posted in the comments, the issue was resolved after replacing the worn out timing belt. The camshafts were centered and adjustments on the timing was also done. Slight vibrations maybe a good indicator if your timing belt is due for replacement. This will prevent you from expending a lot of money due to broken timing belt resulting to mis-aligned cam's. ...


Thanks for the great detail. Considering this is a bit of an odd issue, I'll try thinking outside the box a little. But first I would use a multimeter to test the coolant temp sensor, then o2 sensors. Perhaps even a quick check of the upper radiator hose to make sure the thermostat isn't stuck open. I say to check these first because it sounds like ...

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