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You probably need a new lambda sensor. Here's why: You're right - the lambda sensor needs to reach a certain operating temperature to function properly. Until it reaches that operating temperature, the engine ECU will assume open-loop operation and not rely on the sensor's signal to determine whether the engine is running rich or lean. Your tests and data ...


Good example of PID graphing. Consider the possibility that these symptoms are caused by a mixture issue instead of timing. The STFT is adding fuel and the symptom of hesitation further suggests that the mixture is lean. It is likely that if O2(B1S1) and INJ PID's were included these would show a lean O2 with a corresponding lengthening of injector on ...


its your vacuum line from drivers side to passenger side against firewall it collapses from heat.


Apparently it was diagnosed by a specialist that there is a hardware / software problem with the ECU (Magneti Marelli) that is causing all this problems, and needs to be changed. There is nothing wrong with the sensors, coil pack or mechanical parts.


The air taken into the engine from the charcoal canister via the purge valve will be saturated with fuel vapors. The engine ECU will not be expecting this, so the engine will run rich. You would expect the fuel trim to be out.

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