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I would check the following: PCV Valve Assembly Idle Air Control Valve EGR Valve Many autoparts stores will help you swap out simple parts like these at the store itself, but obviously I would call in advance to ensure that they'd be willing to help first. If you go through those three things, I'd recommend taking to car to a shop and having them do a ...


I read that one man said his problem was the exhaust hanger grauments. you can get them online really cheap. but he said the dealer will charge you an arm and leg to change them. Im going to try this first. he said he changed all motor mounts and it was the same then he changed the exhaust hangers and the vib was 100% gone. let me know.


The slightly high idle and roughness at idle sounds like a symptom of a vacuum leak in the intake system. It also would cause it to go away when the throttle is slightly depressed taking the engine off idle (~1000RPM) Here is how you can test that theory: A common trick I used in the shop is to spray the intake area from the throttle body to the cylinder ...


Book your car into a repair shop for a smoke test on your intake and exhaust systems. This will reveal any vacuum leaks. Also, do not under estimate the value of a scan on your engines systems.

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