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This wont do any damage to your engine until you have an accident making a mistake with the pedals:) The IAC would only doing the same function that you are doing manually. I do think you have more of a problem than the IAC being faulty, since it should just add extra air when you switch things on like the lights, air con etc. Maybe your throttle ...


As HandyHowie said, this won't cause any damage. However, there is a better way, based on the assumption that you have a foot on the brake because you leave the car in D at the lights. If the car will still idle in N with a bad IAC, select N as you're coming to a stop and put it back in D as you press the gas pedal to set off again. Make sure the revs are ...


Thanks for the great detail. Considering this is a bit of an odd issue, I'll try thinking outside the box a little. But first I would use a multimeter to test the coolant temp sensor, then o2 sensors. Perhaps even a quick check of the upper radiator hose to make sure the thermostat isn't stuck open. I say to check these first because it sounds like ...


Or could be your mass airflow sensor because I have similar issues and that is what's wrong with my car

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