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If you have a complete donor car, it is by far easier to swap it out than to retrofit. If the donor car doesn't have an engine in it, level of difficulty goes up exponentially. This is due to not knowing where everything is/was/should be. Also, you'll be on an expedition in parts finding. You'd need to find the right AC compressor, lines, & pulleys which ...


If there is an Agila model with aircon, chances are most of the fittings are in place already (it's cheaper to have one common platform). It's quite a job actually though. Plus you'll need to install a new pulley belt. It's not impossible, but if you have the money and don't care about the learning experience, have someone else do it.


Typically if the car you drive was available with ABS and you are able to locate a car otherwise identical to yours at a scrap yard then the cost will be considerably less than ordering the parts new. However, only if you have the tools available, somewhere to do the work and the skills needed would you be able to make the conversion economically viable. ...


I was quoted the equivalent of about 1000 GBP to retrofit it to my old Corsa B. I assume that includes labour AND parts. All things considered, it would probably be cheaper to fit larger (ergo wider) rims with quality tyres. That doesn't have to cost more than say 350 pounds and will improve your driving and braking performance considerably.

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