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Apparently there are two different grills (at least) for different models of your vehicle. 71121-TR3-A01 fits the following vehicles: 71121-TR3-A11 fits the following vehicles: So it's basically the difference between the GX and EX models in this instance.


The oil pan is not a regular wear item, though it might need to be replaced if it's rusted, cracked and/or leaking. Welding an oil pan is difficult, time consuming and not worth it.


The oil pan is not a normal wear item, however being so low to the ground it is possible to damage it. As the oil pan is not removed for regular inspection, any decision made by the mechanic should be visible to photograph without tools or disassembly, either as physical damage or oil leaking. Have the mechanic put the vehicle on the lift and show to you ...


To add to Tariq's answer - make sure you get the correct wiring adaptor/harness for your vehicle - that way, it's just a case of plugging things in, without having to cut any wires, or worry about colours...


I would check for: cracks, but don't take casting marks for cracks (a picture of your pan would be helpful to tell) scratches stripped plug thread (but then it would already be leaking since you wouldn't be able to tight the plug back ;-)) any deformation especially on the gasket level


There are a few things involved in installing an aftermarket stereo: Where to Begin If the stereo is stock (more accurately if it hasn't been replaced with an aftermarket one), then you will need a dash kit if you want to make it easier and cleaner for yourself. A dash kit is what you would install after removing the stock stereo. It will come with a ...

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