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Assuming you're buying the OEM filter from a Subaru dealer, they should be giving you a new washer with each one. It's an aluminum washer that's sort of folded over on itself so that it crushes. My understanding of the crush washer on your drain plug is that it's not a gasket -- i.e., not to keep fluid from leaking out -- but serves as a lock for the plug, ...


I've been changing my own oil since 1975 or so, Daniel, more often than not, several cars at a time (it's been a long long time since I've only had one vehicle). I've never changed a drain plug gasket - I've never seen one that leaked significantly enough to warrant replacement. Do wipe around the drain hole, and wipe the existing gasket, before putting the ...


You should take your car to the dealer and have it replaced under warranty, and inspected for further damage. If a rock hit it hard enough to knock it out, then their may be other damage you didn't see, or the part was at least defective, because that should not happen. It is called a Lamp Bezel, and the list price is about $70.


I believe they are calling it the Outer Bumper Grill, Driver's Side .

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