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Changing to a completely different engine is quite difficult, and not recommended for beginners - there are a lot of factors to be considered, particularly with regards to compatibility of parts - e.g. which gearbox would you use, which clutch, driveshafts etc, and will the whole assembly fit, how will you make the new mounts, and so on. Unless you have a ...


Tallmaris' means of determining fuel consumed per distance is correct, but could be made more precise by repeating the test several times until at least one thousand, and preferably two thousand, miles have been driven, keeping close track of the fuel consumed traveling those miles... starting with a full tank and ending with a full tank. Mike, too, is ...


My bet is... the clutch disk (the friction part) happens to vibrate at a frequency that coincides with that particular engine RPM, and is barely free enough to vibrate with the clutch disengaged. If I'm correct, it's nothing to worry about - only an annoyance, and shouldn't shorten the life of the clutch.

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