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The power of your compressor is given by P = V x I = 12 x 30 = 360 W. This sounds about right. It sounds as though your compressor is badly made and that the pressure switch is not adequate for the job. You could try to modify like this. Figure 1. Relay control of compressor motor. Rewire the unit as shown. Use a 12 V relay rated for > 40 A. Your ...


The reason for this is LEDs don't draw as much power as regular incandescent lights do. By putting the LEDs into the vehicle, you are making the vehicle believe the lights are out because of the lower draw. The indicators blink faster to indicate to you, the driver, there is a bulb out which needs to be changed. One way to fix this is to put a resistor in ...


I'll try to dig out some E60, diesel-specific information if I have time, but consider the following as possible culprits: clogged fuel filter faulty fuel pump relay weak fuel pump

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