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This might not be an answer but rather a suggestion. I'll explain a few things since you say you have limited knowledge of vehicles. Jumping a circuit is never something you should do. Dims and High beams are two different amperages. They both run on 12v, but the actual amount of power is different. When you "Jump" a circuit and combine them like that, ...


My suggestion would be to chase the wiring directly rather than trying to identify all the parts of a system your mechanic did not even identify for you. If possible, find an electrical diagram for the car online. A Google search for 2001 volvo v70 wiring diagram turned up many images of wiring diagrams that should be very helpful. To trace this back, ...


Legend to Codes E/G - Main is the relay for the Radiator fans. EFI - Is the electronic fuel injection relay. DIM - is the headlight dimmer relay. H-LP - is the headlamp relay. MG/C - is the air conditioning compressor magnetic clutch relay. ST - is the starter relay.

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