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Any oil change place should be able to take it off your hands for a small disposal fee. You can also try calling your local fire department, they may either be able to take it, or they will know of a licensed disposal site in your area.


Depending on how old it is (<1 year for me) i have always just mixed it with fresh fuel and used it like normal. No problems. Fuel older than a year makes a great grease cutter, it does a great job at loosening up bolts, old parts, and grease and crud off of skin. Be sure not to use in enclosed spaces, only recommended to use outdoors.


When you change your oil, there are places that will take your used motor oil. My Dad's shop uses used motor oil as fuel in the furnace to keep the garage warm in the winter. I know this seems obvious to many, but it never surprises me the number of people that would just dump this stuff in the grass :(


Mix it with fresh gas and burn it in a lawn mower. If it's straight gas, mix it with fresh and burn in a beater vehicle.


Certainly in the UK there are hundreds of recycling centres that will take oil and fuel, as it is against the law to dispose of it other than through an approved centre.


Batteries When buying a new battery, most Auto parts stores will recycle your old battery for you. For example, Autozone charges an extra $12 (or so), which is refunded to you when you return your old battery.


One can dispose of used engine oil at any Jiffy Lube for free.

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