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Yes - you can make the freelander into a front wheel drive vehicle. You will need to remove the IRD (essentially the center transfer case) and replace it with the same unit from a 2WD freelander. The rear drive shaft and diff should be removed, and you may need to disable some sensors depending on your locale. The rear axle housing can stay, but if you ...


My suggestion would be to buy a differential bearing and seal kit for the rear end yourself and have a knowledgeable mechanic install it for you. This, as the name implies, consists of bearings and seals. A master kit will have the shims in it as well, but when you are just doing bearings in the diff, you can usually put the old shims back in to get ...


If the price is the same go with the rebuilt. Better warranty and more knowledge. With the used one you dont know its history to this point and it may be 6 months away from needing a rebuild.

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