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They get damaged less (think automatic car washes) and I would say a car looks cleaner with it in the window.


You may not need to.Extend fully and remove any corrosion/gunk.Apply a little penetrine and you may resolve the problem.With constant use the server motor can have worn components


Yes, these two wires should be connected together. This is what allows the radio to retract the antenna when it isn't being used. Just because your wiring harness has a connection for this wire, it doesn't necessarily mean that your car has this kind of motorized antenna. Even if that's the case, there's still no harm in making the connection.


Go to Crutchfield.com under Car Audio, Build your System, click find what fits your car. Enter your car info and then click on the Parts & Tools to install a receiver, then Factory System Adapters. There will be a list of what fits your car. Note you may need more than an adapter that simply connects the wires to the wires. In 2000 GM started running ...


Best Buy will have one. Go to their stereo installation shop, which is usually accessed around the side of the building. They will have the harness adapter which will plug directly from your new stereo to the existing wire harness without the need for modification, so you can reinstall your old stereo if you ever sell the car. They will also have ...

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