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If no leakage from the radiator and the A/C (if so equipped) is still working, there shouldn't be an issue. I would advise you to pull out any broke broken pieces of grill as well as dead bird, to include feathers. The can get trapped in the radiator and reduce cooling efficiency. Get the grill portion replaced as soon as possible to help prevent some other ...


From the above and your description I would change the coolant thermostat first, and secondly remove and check out the water pump for a displaced/broken impeller.


Is the radiator overflow tank properly connected and sealed? Overheating can be caused by the low coolant, caused by the radiator leak. Expanding coolant would expand out the hole in the radiator making the problem worse. Repairing or replacing the radiator would fix that. Overheating can also be caused by a blockage in the coolant passages, which would ...

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