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Assuming your radiator cap is of the correct p.s.i. your radiator given age may be full of scale and could be overdue for rodding out/replacing core/or replacing entirely.A pressure test will obviate leaks not the condition of your radiator internal condition.


I read all the advice that was given and each in their 9 en way was the proper procedure to their situation. Mines is that my cap to my cooliant was not put back on correctly and the result was a blown cap that I still can't find to this day! I decided to just put sum water in it and I just typed of one end of a soak, and stuffed the hole u and ducked taped ...


one possibility comes to mind.If by chance you have used different brands of coolant to top up this can cause an adverse outcome.Drain flush and replace with one brand only and stick to it.Reccomend premix to avoid water quality issues


Have you ever changed the coolant? Ot does get old. I havent heard of it turning black though. That is weird. Try draining your coolant and putting new stuff in. If it turns black, the inly thing I can think of is a cracked water jacket, but then you should be having oil that looks like a frappucino. I ahve seen purple coolant that turns kinda dark when ...

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