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You also need to check the coolant tank if it has one, it may have a leak or the connecting hose has a leak, and when the water in the radiator expands, it's lost to the leak.


You want to make sure you do not put tap water into the cooling system on your vehicle. The cooling system has a leak, which is why you need to refill it periodically. Look on the ground where you park and note any wet spots. Check all the hoses to and from your radiator for any signs of a leak such as wet fluid or runny looking patches of evaporated fluid ...


Yes, run the engine After you do any work involved with draining the coolant you will either have an exact process to remove air from the cooling system or you will simply run the engine. If you don't the gasses (air) will expand at a greater rate than liquid when the engine get's hot. This pressure of expanding gasses can blow out hoses or weak ...

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