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I usually use a flat blade screwdriver sideways against the face of the pulley. Jam it either between the centre bolt and one of the three or four you are removing or jam it over old bolt and under the other. Hard to explain but this picture kind of demonstrates what I mean;


Wrap the serpentine belt completely around either ribbed pulley part and hold it on one side to gain purchase (grab both sides of the belt in one place with one hand). Believe me when I say this will give you more than enough purchase to get it done. If you do not have enough purchase by just using your hand, try wrapping the belt around the pulley and ...


If space permits, use an impact wrench to loosen them. If the impact wrench has some kind of torque-limiting capability then you can use then to tighten the bolts as well.


A technique I use is to tighten the bolts while holding the pulley by hand. Then install the belt. The tension of the belt will hold the pulley so you can finish tightening the bolt to the required spec.


You need to find another way of stopping the pulley from turning. Are there any holes in it you could use to wedge it with? One technique I have used is to wedge a bit of bar diagonally between two of the bolts, then (un)tighten the others, rotate and repeat...

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