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Went to the mechanic, and the voltage looked good at 14,4v +- when everything (car, airco, lights, radio) were on. Looks like my multimeter is busted. Need to buy a new 9v battery for my multimeter to test if that fixes the offset, or I'll try to calibrate my multimeter. Anyways, always test with another multimeter if in doubt.


I have a Renault Megane Berline 2006. Yesterday I was caught in a traffic jam of about 1 hour and was a few miles from home, when I heard a click and the engine lost power and started shaking. I just drove to the side and waited an hour or so until the traffic jam was over. I went home and when I entered the coumpound, my father thought I bursted the ...


You know a battery has been resurrected when it floats, after it's been dead.


This is a great vehicle dynamics question that essentially has two parts to it: Is the motor able to hit top speed, 120 mph? Is the torque enough to accelerate it to top speed within 5 seconds? The motor in question Power : 1000 W (~ 1.36 hp) Speed : 3200 RPM Torque : 1.91 Nm Something interesting to note here is the apparent discrepancy between ...

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