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Duct tape worked for me for about 45 minutes on the highway... and I duct taped inside bottom and top. To the actually car itself. I'm going with the suction cups idea. Seems to last longer. Someone has been using it for 2 years! :-)


If it's a 55 plate I assume it's either a very late Mk IV or most likely a Mk V. The Mk VI didn't start until 08. I suspect that it's most likely to be a wiring issue with the module in the drivers door. This could be caused by a trapped wire within the wiring that goes through the A-post or (more likely) moisture / water ingress which is usually caused ...


It sounds a lot like the door switch on the drivers door is broken in a way that it gives the reverse indication of what's actually true. Some things you can try: Perform the same tests that you have listed, but open and close the passenger or one of the rear doors instead of the drivers door. I have a feeling they will work as expected. Do you have the ...


You have a couple common parts Switches - supplies power to the motor Regulator - gears and tracks motor (or crank) - moves the regulator Sometimes you can take the door panel off and grease the channels up a bit and it will help. I will use WD-40, silicon spray, white lithium grease, garage door lube, etc. and it has helped with some of my windows that ...

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