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The most common cause of these symptoms is failure of the main window switch. It is not common for the door switches to fail. Water intrusion into the motor units is common on this model. It usually presents as slow movement at first, followed by failure. During the period of time that it is moving slowly it is drawing more power which stresses the switches. ...


Try circuit #34 or #35. You don't necessarily have to do this in the vehicles fusebox. For instance; when I used to install a lot of Alpine audio/visual equipment, their ceiling-mounted LCD/DVD players had LEDs which required wiring up separately. So I would splice their power-feed directly into (out of) the original interior light's pre-existing wiring ...


We wired our LED's to interior light via switch on door as interior light stay's on for a while until car is locked.


On a modern car, the ECUs (electronic control units) will be deciding when different functions will work. For example, it knows to switch power to the window circuits until you open and close the door. The ECU could be controlling a relay that switches the power to the windows off when you shut the door. The fuse that you are connecting to will be before ...

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