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It is normal, because the fluid is cold, when a mechanic is checking power steering level, it is important to spin the steering wheel 20-25 times from left lock to right lock to warm up the fluid. You're vehicles most likely have no problems. Try letting the vehicle warm up for 2 minutes or turn the steering wheel back and forth a few times before leaving.


Most ATF based power steering systems are not especially picky about fluid quality. That is not to say that using the lowest quality is a wise choice. Not all systems use ATF and some would be damaged by it, so it is appropriate to check the manual and only use the correct fluid. Many system do not specify a change interval, suggesting that the fluid is ...


I just got my car back from the dealer, and it turns out the noise I was hearing in the steering column was coming from the cable reel rubbing against the cable reel bracket. Honda is aware of the problem and has a redesigned bracket that addresses the issue. The redesigned bracket gives the cable reel a bit more room to rotate in without it rubbing against ...

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