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In this pdf document put out by Toyota, it states: Power steering fluid type: Automatic transmission fluid DEXRONII or III Seeing as how DEXRONII and DEXRONIII are used by GM in their vehicles (over the years ... now it's the newer versions), the Prestone product you are looking at should be just fine in there and should cause your vehicle no issues.


Many vehicles will accept automatic transmission fluid in the power steering, but it is not worth detracting from the vehicle manufacturers recommendation. If you do use an alternative fluid without a recommendation for its use, you run the very real chance of destroying the internal rubbers/seals in the system. If you have an oil leak on your system then ...


I tested three rebuilt gearboxes from two different manufacturers. They all had extra play in them. I'm assuming that they don't replace worn components, but just repack everything and put in new seals. From my experience, I highly recommend that you bring a vise-wrench to the parts store and test the gearbox before you buy it. To perform the test, I took ...

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