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What's the difference between the two in terms of how they work? In both cases, the power steering simply adds some force to the steering when it detects the driver is trying to turn the wheels. Simply, in one case there is an electric motor to add this force, while in the other hydraulic liquid is used. Is one more efficient at steering than the ...


Many times it is not practical to find real cause. I can say with 80% certainty if you properly install another new pump, it should solve your problem. Buy one from autohausaz.com and watch Youtube to learn how to do it yourself and then do it yourself. Should cost less than $200.


It sounds as though your serpentine belt is the issue. The serpentine belt is connected to each pulley (a pulley is the circular disc that the rubber belt travels over) of various engine components (power steering, AC, turbocharger if you have one, etc) and as such has a lot of tension on it, but can't have too much. It may be that the dealer installed a ...


Follow the admins advice. You want to use the process of elimination. Its a hydraulic system with seals and it works like a two way car jack. The steering wheel column is simply a big joint and connects directly to it. A wheel as handle bars, the pistons are pushed through a liquid filled tight cylinder, your power steering rack sealed at the rubber end ...


Yes, that ATF should work just fine. That is what is specified for the vehicle.


If there is no fluid in the power steering rack then you can see the following symptoms. Sound of metal on metal contact on turning. Rough steering. Heavy steering Implications: There is no immediate threat to the car if your fluid is leaking , it will not do any harm to the car but it will cause massive wear on the steering rack as a whole. However ...


In the top picture, the round thing which is to the bottom right of the image looks like the power steering fluid reservoir. In the bottom picture, this looks like the return line (what you have annotated), which should be attached to the reservoir. You need to clean/inspect these areas to see where your fluid is coming from. If just the connection to the ...

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