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I would look at the item you are plugging into the outlet rather then the outlet. Most of the time the cheap USB chargers aren't built correctly. Some times you can just put a flat screwdriver under the wings on the side and pry them up so they stick out more. Another option would be to use an adapter like this. With some tom foolery you could just wire in ...


I was able to see the grounding points by crawling under the dash. The grounds looked visually good, the screws are tight. So, I tried replacing the 12V power outlet with a new aftermarket outlet. The issue is gone. Strange that the one bad outlet actually caused both outlets to blow fuses when power was drawn.


By far the most common electrical problem, especially in cases like this where "mysterious" things happen, is a bad ground. They're usually very hard to find but very easy to fix once found. Basically you want to use a multimeter to measure the connection between the negative battery terminal and different places on your car that should be grounded, like the ...

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