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As Brian commented, your question and the information we have is a little vague. Not repaired already: It won't drive at all if the timing chain is broken. No amount of cranking the engine will start it. For this year/make/model it would probably be cheaper to either purchase another vehicle or swap in a low mileage engine than repair the current one. If ...


To add to Paul's answer - the crankcase ventilation hose is required in order to prevent fumes from the engine oil escaping to atmosphere - instead they are ventilated into the air intake, so they pass through the engine and are burnt with the fuel.


That is called the Engine Crankcase Ventilation Hose ... The part number is 24467120 and is #18 in this diagram:


Yes, it's serious. It's usually either because your MAF sensor is dirty, or one or more fuel injectors aren't working properly. Check out this link. You should still be able to drive a car that's running too lean, but you should never, under any circumstances drive it fast or put it under heavy load. From the link Causes A code P0171 may mean that one ...


Having a lean condition isn't good for the motor. Lean is higher oxygen and lower fuel. Oxygen burns hotter than fuel. Being lean is to have a condition where the fire in your engine is hotter. The results are increased wear on valves and potentially melting the aluminum of the head. The melting is under extreme conditions. You are in a situation where ...


I would have the front wheels bearings checked. A bad bearing can cause sensor misalignment and the ABS to activate. You may also have an issue with the power brake booster. The booster uses engine generated vacuum to assist with pedal effort. A leaking vacuum line may be reducing the vacuum and increase the pedal effort required to stop.

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