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I think you have two completely separate issues here (brakes & starting). Since the engine is turning over, the starter is not bad. If there was a vacuum leak causing unmetered air to enter the engine, it would be running differently. It could just be that your MAF or other intake located sensors need cleaning for the starting. As for your brakes, it ...


What they person at the tire store said is completely plausible. To make sure, I'd take the car to a different mechanic and ask the same question. Also, have them show you exactly where the tread is breaking loose so you know for sure and they aren't just pulling your leg.


It sounds as though your serpentine belt is worn out or that the tensioner pulley is not doing it's job (or both). As you start the engine, there is a high draw on the battery, which power must then be replaced via the alternator. When this happens, there is a large demand put on the alternator. If the serpentine belt or tensioner are not up to the job, then ...


Just do it yourself. It is a beginer's job. Parts only costs less than $100. Watch Youtube to learn. The belt is quite important as it powers everything from alternator to powersteering and could leave you stranded. However nowadays most cars have automatic tensioner, which is a bit like point and shoot camera, not much can go wrong.


That is way too much money for a serpentine belt and a tensioner pulley on any vehicle. If you cannot do this yourself, take it to a different mechanic and have them do it. A serpentine belt is not at all critical to the overall health of the engine. If it fails, you put a new one on. It may be inconvenient after it breaks, but it's not going to ruin ...


You can easily test a relay in a few simple steps. The required materials are as follows Digital Multimeter (with continuity setting) 12V power supply (Optional) Aligator clips for hands-free testing DO NOT USE YOUR BATTERY DIRECTLY FOR THE 12V SUPPLY, if you have nothing on hand and want to be safe please use a fused line from a harness or through the ...


I would suggest it's actually the battery which is at fault. A good battery should register about 13.1-13.5vdc when fully charged. When down to the low 12vdc region (and dropping into 11vdc area during attempted start), the battery really isn't at a good point as far as a charge goes. I'd take it to a parts store and have them load test it for you. They can ...

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