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My guess is fuel pressure, a bad pump or clogged fuel filter. I would put a fuel pressure gauge on it and see what the pressure is next time it stalls and you try to restart.


The SWB wheelbase is 112", the LWB is 120". The total vehicle length for the SW is 187.3"


Wheelbase is the distance from center of front wheel to center of rear wheel.


That looks normal for a Vibe the only cover should be over the blower motor. As to the missing plug I believe it's a white or black plastic retainer with a large flange. I think this is it. 20478294


Mitchell shows original equipment plugs are ACDelco 41-962 for the 5.3, which are double platinum plugs. Plug gap is 0.040". I've never used nor sold Bosch plugs before. From talking to people, I've never heard anything good. Make sure the plug gap is correct and that the wires are fully seated. If you still feel that the car is not performing as well as ...


Disconnect the fuel gauge sending wire from the fuel tank sending unit, with key on the fuel gauge will either go to Full or empty, now ground the fuel sender wire to a good ground, the gauge should do a full sweep to the opposite end of the gauge. If you get no change on the gauge during this test you either have a bad gauge or a break in the sender wire ...


I have had the same problem for years on my 2001 Grand Am. We have replaced fuel pump, water pump, thermostat, head gasket (since it redlined after thermostat change) and nothing worked. Same thing, I was fine as long as I wasn't idling places. But, I live in Wisconsin and really all fall and winter it is fine, but once it gets above 80, I have to watch it. ...

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